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23.03.1999 01.03.1999 3D TT is a 3D game engine for a game like Transport Tycoon for Windows from Peter Dobrovka ( ) and WAY-X (a group of hobby programmers).

  • Based on OpenGL
  • Multitextured landscape (without shading)
  • Perspective and isometric view
  • Large maps (1024x1024)
  • 3D Sprites
  • Moving objects (esp. trains)
  • Integrated editor
  • Written in Delphi Pascal
More information, screenshots and a demo can be found on the (german) under 3DTT (click one of the four icons in the top frame to view screenshots etc).

14.01.1999 14.01.1999 Erik Unger manages a site for 3D API Bindings for Delphi:
  • Support for DirectX 6.0 for Delphi 2, 3 and 4 (Erik Unger )
  • Support for OpenGL 1.1 ( Mike Lischke )
  • Support for Glide 2.43 (Erik Unger and Eric Nowinski)
More information and the source can be found on the .

20.11.1998 01.04.1997 TGMP is a 3D graphics engine for PCs using DELPHI by Peter Dove ( and Don Peer (
  • Shaded linear texture mapping.
  • Gouraud shading and wireframe rendering.
  • Z sorting.
  • 16 bit color support for Windows 95.
  • Object Pascal / Delphi 2 source with good comments.
  • A longer text document describes the techniques used.
The source files can be found at the under the name DI9704DP.ZIP.

03.11.1997 07.10.1997 OGLCFD are Delphi 3.0 VCL components providing an object oriented interface to the OpenGL API for Windows 95 and Windows NT. The OGLCFD is distributed by SignSoft GmbH.
  • Simple API wrapper around OpenGL, the standard OpenGL calls are also awailable.
  • OpenGL view
  • Cameras
  • Camera controllers
  • Light sources
  • Materials
  • Textures
  • 3D objects
More information, screenshots and a demo can be found on the or the

08.04.1997 08.04.1997 TGMP V2 is a commercial real-time rendering system for PCs written in Delphi 2.0 from Graphical Magick Productions Ltd, written by Peter Dove (
  • Shaded linear texture mapping.
  • Gouraud and flat shading, wireframe and point rendering.
  • Z-buffer rendering.
  • Uses DirectX 3 for rendering.
  • BMP and PPM texture file support.
  • Cylindrical and spherical texture wrapping.
  • Loads DirectX X format, convertor available for 3DS to X .
  • Written in Object Pascal / Delphi 2 (also the api).
More information and a demo can be found on the .

16.07.1996 16.07.1996 The CR3D is a 3D graphics engine for Delphi 2.0 from Romesh (
  • Support for DirectDraw or WinG under Windows 95 / NT 4.0.
  • 8 and 16-bit color mode.
  • Linear texture mapping.
  • Flat shading.
  • Z-buffer rendering.
  • 3DS and PLG file reader.
More information and a beta version on the .

12.03.1998 01.01.1995 The MGL is a 3D graphics library for PCs from SciTech.
  • Flat and gouraud shading.
  • Support for DOS, Windows 3.1 / 95 / NT.
  • SVGA support.
  • BSP sorting and zbuffer rendering
  • 2D and 3D functions.
  • 3D modeling system.
  • Written in C++ and ASM.
  • Support for Borland C++, Watcom C++, Delphi, Visual C++.
  • Support for DirectDraw acceleration functions.
  • Support for OpenGL for Windows ( Microsoft, Silicon Graphics and Mesa ) API within the MGL framework.
  • Support for stereo LC shutter glasses (requires hardware stereo support)
More information and source can be found on the .

09.04.1999 15.08.1997 BSP is a doom level viewer for PCs from Ivailo Belchev ( ) .
  • Non orthogonal walls.
  • Floor and ceiling texture mapping.
  • Depthcueing.
  • C++ / ASM source.
The demo and source can be found on the .
Paul Toth has made two pascal versions of the BSP engine (for Delphi 2+ and BP7) that can be found on the .

02.05.1997 06.07.1995 The 4DX Rendering Engine is a commercial doom/heretic game engine from Jaimi McEntire ( from Eldermage Corp.
  • Animated sky mapping.
  • Non rectangular walls with different height.
  • Looking up/down is done via y-shearing (as in Heretic, Dark Forces etc).
  • Animated sprite objects.
  • Transparent textures.
  • Interactive level and texture editor.
  • 2D effects like snow.
  • Sound support.
  • DOS and Windows libraries available.
  • 4DX is a C++ Library and requires Watcom C++ v 10.0, 4DX is fully 32bit.
  • Doom WAD file importer.
  • Available as Delphi 2.0 VCL, as ActiveX control for Visual Basic, as Linkable Library for Visual C++ or as DLL.
  • Map editor.
More information and a demo can be found on the .
An older demo can be found on . More info in the .

All the 3D pages are &#169 by Cristian Yaming

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