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Ошибка: lock manager out of room

Ошибка: lock manager out of room

Go to the interbase/bin directory (Windows) or /usr/interbase (Unix) and locate the configuration file isc_config. By default your configuration file will look like this:

#ANY_LOCK_MEM_SIZE         98304
#V4_LOCK_SEM_COUNT         32
#V4_LOCK_SIGNAL              16
#ANY_LOCK_SIGNAL              16
#V4_EVENT_MEM_SIZE            32768
#ANY_EVENT_MEM_SIZE        32768

I increased the V4_LOCK_MEM_SIZE entry from 98304 to 198304 and things were fine then.

!!! Important !!!

By default all lines in the config file are commented out with the leading # sign. Make sure to remove the # sign in any line that you change - the default config file just shows the default parameters.

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