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Ограничения Foxpro

Ограничения Foxpro

Table and Index Files

Max.# of records per table         1 billion*   
Max. # of chars per record         65,000   
Max. # of fields per record         255   
Max. # of open DBFs            225   
Max. # of chars per field         254   
Max. # of chars per index key (IDX)   100   
Max. # of chars per index key (CDX)   240   
Max. # of open index files per table   unlimited**   
Max. # of open index files in all work areas   unlimited**   

* The actual file size (in bytes) cannot exceed 2 gigabytes for single-user or exclusively opened multi-user tables. Shared tables with no indexes or .IDX indexes cannot exceed 1 gigabyte. Shared tables with structural .CDX indexes cannot exceed 2 gigabytes.
** Limited by memory. In FoxPro for MS-DOS and FoxPro for Windows, also limited by available MS-DOS file handles. Each .CDX file uses only 1 file handle. The number of MS-DOS file handles is determined by the CONFIG.SYS FILES parameter.

Field Characteristics

Max. size of character fields         254   
Max. size of numeric fields            20   
Max. # of chars in field names         10   
Digits of precision in numeric computations   16   

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