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Как узнать конфигурацию железа?

Как узнать конфигурацию железа?

Вот компонент для этого нашел:

описание от авторов:

Product: MiTeC System Information Component
Version: 6.2
Author: MichaL MutL
Target: Delphi 5.x, Delphi 6.x
Platform: W95, W98, NT, W2000, Windows ME, Windows XP
Status: Fully Functional
Source: Included
Description: Component providing detailed system information
+ Registered organization, owner
+ Time Zone info
+ Machine name, IP address, MAC Address
+ Last boot date and time, Boot time
+ CPU architecture, type, active mask, count, level, revision, vendor, id, speed,
+ OS version, build number, platform, CSD version, version name, user name, serial number
+ DVD Region, folders
+ Graphic adapter chip name, dac, memory, screen width and height, color depth, modes
+ Sound card name, WaveIn, WaveOut, MIDIIn, MIDIOut, AUX, Mixer device name
+ Printers
+ Memory info, allocation granularity, min.and max.application address
+ Disk info, file system, controllers
+ BIOS name, copyright, extended info, date
+ Video BIOS version and date
+ Network adapter, protocols, sevices, clients,
+ Winsock info
+ BDE, ODBC, DAO, ADO version
+ DirectX info
+ Device overview (like Device Manager)
+ Win9x resources
+ Running process enumeration
+ Installed software enumeration
+ Startup runs enumeration
+ Performance Library interface (NT & 9x)
+ Internet settings
+ Sharepoints enumeration
+ Component showing CPU usage
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Почти все о железе можно прочитать из регистра по HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Class\

Автор ответа: Diamond cat
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